EMC Bayswater - NATA Accredited EMC Testing and Compliance

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EMC Bayswater is a NATA Accredited Australian owned EMC Testing Laboratory in Melbourne Australia offering a vast range of RCM, C-Tick, CE marking, FCC and Industry Canada compliance testing and approvals services.

We also offer Radio and wireless testing, Automotive, Military, Railway and Train EMC compliance, Radiation Hazard surveys, RF Interference and RF testing, RF Shielding Effectiveness Performance testing, Consulting and calibration services, antenna performance and profiling services and EMC training courses.

We have expertise with Australian and International EMC standards and approvals. Our laboratory can accommodate a diversity of products from small household items to large vehicles.

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Main EMC and EMI Testing Services

EMC Testing for commercial products

Compliance Mark


Type of product




C-Tick mark


Intentional radiator

Unintentional radiator

Australian Communications and Media Authority
The new single consolidated Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) for Electrical and electronic products sold into the Australian and New Zealand market. All relevant products must be compliant and labeled with the RCM. Click here for more info.

C-Tick mark


Intentional radiator

Unintentional radiator

Australian Communications and Media Authority

The old ACMA EMC compliance mark, presently being phased out (3 year transition period) and replaced with the RCM.

CE mark
CE mark


Intentional radiator

Unintentional radiator


EMC Testing Europe - Electrical and electronic products sold into Europe (EU), must be CE marked.  The application of the CE mark requires compliance with various European directives depending on the type of product.

FCC Compliance


Intentional radiator

Unintentional radiator

Federal Communications Commission

EMC Testing North America - Electrical and electronic products sold on the US market must comply with relevant sections (based on the type of product) of the FCC rules.

IC Compliance


Unintentional radiator

Industry Canada IC

EMC Testing Canada - Electrical and electronic products sold on the Canadian market must comply with the EMC Canadian Standards.
IC accepts FCC test reports.

Automotive EMC Testing

The EMC Bayswater Laboratory can test to the most common Automotive EMC test standards, which include: European Automotive EMC Directive, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Toyota, Volvo, Mitsubishi, BMW, ISO, SAE and many more...more>

Military EMC Testing

The EMC Bayswater Laboratory can write and implement EMC test plans and perform EMC testing to Army, Navy and Air Force specifications. We can test to various EMC military standards such as MIL-STD-461 B/C/D/E/F, MIL-STD-462, and RTCA DO-160G....more>

RF Site surveys

EMC Bayswater can perform RF and ELF site surveys for Occupational Health and Safety (OH & S) and Radiation Hazard (Radhaz) purposes, RF Interference (RFI) or for equipment accommodation (RF Ambient surveys)...more>

EMC consulting

EMC Bayswater employs experienced professional EMI/EMC engineers and can provide various EMI/EMC consulting services such as preparation of EMC test plans, advice on applicable EMC standards and global regulatory requirements, countermeasure recommendations if your product has failed EMC testing, RF exposure and radiation hazard advice...more>

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NATA - Australian Accreditation Organisation

RCM - Australian Regulatory Compliance Mark

C-tick mark - EMC compliance for Australia

FCC - Compliance for USA

CE marking - Compliance for European Directives

Industry Canada - Compliance for Canada

RADHAZ - OH & S RF Hazard Testing

ETSI - Radio-Standards Organisation

CCC - Chinese Approvals

VCCI - Japanese EMC Approval



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