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Different Types of EMC Services

What Is EMC?

EMC or electromagnetic compatibility is a test required by the different governments around the world on products with electronic circuitry. It is performed to determine and regulate the product’s radiated and conducted emissions. The aim of the test is to ensure that the emissions are within the acceptable range or spectrum of compatibility so as not to adversely affect the performance of similar products and at the same time for the product not to be affected by the emissions from similar products.
The test standards leading to certification are labeled differently according to product type and product origin:

• RCM for Australia and New Zealand
• CE for Europe
• FCC for North America
• IC for Canada

The EMC Tests

The tests are conducted in authorized laboratories dedicated for the purpose. Compliance testing is made up of two parts – the emission test and the immunity or susceptibility test. Different standards based on locations may require only one part (say, immunity only) or both parts. More recently, a pre-compliance test was introduced to help manufacturers in facilitating the process of certification by having a pre-test in their plant where the products are in the final stages of manufacture.

Types of EMC Tests

Essentially, the tests are centered on measuring the electromagnetic emission levels of the product, aiming to adapt the emissions to fall within the approved spectrum. In this way, the product becomes compatible with other products. There are various techniques being employed to measure this radiation level and radiation type. Some of these types are:

• Radiated emissions and radiated disturbances
-These are measured electromagnetic energy generated through fields that propagate radio frequencies around an enclosure. The fields are recorded in volts per meter or A/m or dBuA.

• Conducted emissions and conducted disturbances
-The tests check if such emissions coming from the electromagnetic field generated by the product may cause interference in a network.

• AC mains port harmonic currents
-Thesemeasure the harmonic current of the main supply for products in Europe. It is similar to the AC mains flicker test,which is a test to ensure that the main power supply does not fluctuate too much while a machine is on.

• Immunity and susceptibility test
-This is one of the most common simulation tests for the suitability of an electronic device to operate within a specified acceptable tolerance level of electromagnetic emissions.

• Radiated and conducted immunity and susceptibility tests
-These are simulated tests measuring the effect of electric or magnetic fields in the correct behavior of a product.

• AC mains voltage dips and interrupts
-This is a test simulation of the mains electricity supply during black out and brown out and the effect it produces in the correct behavior of the product.

Variable EMC Tests: EMC Bayswater

EMC tests vary according to the type of products being testedand the standards being sought; manufacturers have to define their specific test needs. For example, there are products that require atest of their radio frequency to ensure that these radiations are within the compatibility range for similar products to efficiently operate.

Which is why at EMC Bayswater, we offer our spacious testing laboratories to accommodate all EMC testing requirements including product certification, compliance, and approval. In their actual run, EMC services include, aside from EMC Testing:

• Radio and Wireless Testing
• Automotive Testing
• Military Testing
• Railway Testing
• Medical Testing
• Pre-compliance Testing
• Shielding effectiveness
• Lamp Circuit Power (LCP)
• Report Reviews
• Site surveys
• Calibration Services
• NATA consulting/training

EMC Bayswater

EMC Bayswater is the preferred company when it comes to EMC testing and approvals. We are the specialists in Australia, Europe, North America, and Canada.Aside from the aforementioned services, we also provide:

• RF interference (RFI)
• Shielding effectiveness and RF radiation hazard (radhaz EMR) testing services
• RF equipment calibration
• RFID testing
• Antenna performance and profiling services
• EMC testing training courses

We can arrange other regulatory approvals as part of the service through our partner labs. Our highly experienced and qualified engineers can help you with your EMC certification, EMC consulting, and EMC standards queriesquickly and efficiently.
For all your EMC testing needs, whether pre-compliance or final, trust EMC Bayswater.

Call us at 03 9761 5888.


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