EMC testing compliance & approvals

EMC Bayswater’s compliance services

  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing
  • Radio & Wireless Testing
  • Fast test report turnaround
  • Short lead times
  • Accredited EMC testing services
  • Compliant test sites and equipment
  • EMC pre-compliance and fixes

    EMC testing

    Electromagnetic compatibility or ‘EMC’ compliance is usually legislated and mandated for many countries and markets including Australia, North America, Canada and Europe. It is also required for many types of other approvals such as industrial, consumer products, commercial products, military, automotive, locomotive and medical equipment.

    EMC Compliance markets

    Australia and New Zealand (“Regulatory compliance Mark” or “RCM”), European community and associated regions (“Conformité Européenne” or “CE” mark), North America and associated regions (Federal Communications commission or “FCC”), Canada (Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) previously “Industry Canada” or “IC”).

    About EMC Bayswater

    EMC Bayswater’s EMC testing lab is located in the south east suburbs or Melbourne, Australia. We offer a vast range of EMC product testing compliance certification and approvals services. We have a wide range of accredited testing services available to the public. We are a subsidiary of the EMC Technologies (EMC Tech) group.

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