EMC testing compliance & approvals

EMC & Radio compliance testing

We provide Radio & EMC product compliance testing services. Product compliance for Australia (RCM), Europe (CE), North America (FCC) and Canada (ISED).
Electromagnetic compatibility - Radio and EMC compliance testing services

EMC compliance testing

Electromagnetic compatibility or ‘EMC’ compliance is usually legislated and mandated for many countries. These markets include Australia, North America, Canada and Europe. EMC testing is also required for many types of other approvals. Including industrial, consumer products, commercial products, military, automotive, locomotive and medical equipment.

RCM, FCC, CE and ICES compliance mark and approvals testing and labelling requirements

EMC Compliance markets

Australia and New Zealand (“Regulatory compliance Mark” or “RCM”). European community and associated regions (“Conformité Européenne” or “CE” mark). North America and associated regions (Federal Communications Commission or “FCC”). Canada (Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) or “Industry Canada” or “IC”).

EMI and EMC testing accredited laboratory in Melbourne, Australia

About EMC Bayswater

EMC Bayswater’s EMC testing lab located in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. We offer a vast range of product compliance testing, certification and approvals services. We have a wide range of accredited testing services available to the public. We provide accredited product approvals services. We are a subsidiary of the EMC Technologies (EMC Tech) group.

Why use us for your product testing?

We use modern EMC test equipment and software in conjunction with an experienced team. Providing the highest level of quality accredited product compliance testing. Been part of the EMC Technologies group means we have the support and a wealth of knowledge.

Our focus is on making things easy and efficient for our customers. No doubt this is why we have an excellent customer retention record. Our staff take great pride in their work delivering high a level of product testing and EMC test reports. Whilst providing great customer service at every stage of the process. Check out our company video that demonstrates some of our capability! If you are requiring product compliance testing. Or any other compliance or approvals service please contact us to find out how we can help your company. If you’re not sure of what compliance or EMC testing you need, or how to get the ball rolling! We have some explanation video tutorials for RCM and CE compliance. Other approvals and compliance testing information can also be found throughout our site.

EMC Bayswater’s compliance services

  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing
  • Radio & Wireless Testing
  • Fast test report turnaround
  • Short lead times
  • Accredited EMC testing services
  • Compliant test sites and equipment
  • EMC pre-compliance and fixes

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