We have successfully calibrated our indoor Outside Area Test site – (iOATS test site) radiated emissions testing chamber to the latest ANSI C63.4: 2014.  ANSI C63.4: 2014 is the “American National Standard for Methods of Measurement of Radio-Noise Emissions from Low-Voltage Electrical and Electronic Equipment” in the range 9kHz to 40GHz for commercial product testing such as FCC Part 15 Subpart B, section 15.109 testing.

In addition, for the above 1GHz radiated emissions test sites the chamber has to comply with CISPR 16-1-4: 2010 + A1: 2012.  CISPR 16-1-4: 2010 + A1: 2012 is the “Specification for radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus and methods – Part 1-4: Radio disturbance and immunity measuring apparatus – Ancillary equipment – Radiated disturbances”.

ANSI C63.4: 2014 compliant iOATS test site at EMC Bayswater

ANSI C63.4: 2014 compliant iOATS test site at EMC Bayswater

Our Radiated emissions test site is compliant with both ANSI C63.4: 2014 and CISPR 16-1-4: 2010 + A1: 2012 standards in the frequency range of 30MHz to 18GHz. This calibration is presently mandated for many test site measurements. You should perform testing correctly in accordance with the global certification standards and referenced testing mythologies. Consequently, you should be testing on a compliant test site for Radiated emissions.

We have also successfully performed the test site-specific hybrid antenna qualification of ANSI C63.4-2014. This allows us to use our hybrid antenna and increase efficiency by using the same antenna between 30MHz and 1GHz as opposed to using a bi-conical and a Lop periodic antenna.

EMC Bayswater –  iOATS Physical Characteristics

Our iOATS test site is a 10m test site with a 5m, 3m and 1m standard measuring distances from the Equipment Under Test (EUT) to the measuring antenna. We have the capability to measure from 9kHz to 40GHz.

EMC Bayswater –  iOATS EMI Software

We use a compliant commercially available emissions software package. Our software allows both fully automated, Semi-automated and manual measurements. Furthermore automated radiated emissions measurements are performed with the highest level of accuracy and repeatability. Semi-automated radiated emissions measurements allow the input from our trained staff to decide emissions of interest.  Subsequently controlling the flow of the testing. Finally, we can also perform the measurements manually, this is especially useful for products with non-continuous functionality and emissions. Using the software this way allows complete freedom. Allowing on the fly limit line inclusion, correction factors to be applied to the raw data and much more.


So the next time you are thinking of performing either pre-compliance EMC radiated emissions. Or perhaps formal radiated emissions testing such as FCC Part 15 Subpart B, section 15.109 or maybe EN 55032 radiated emissions. Please consider if the test site you are using meets the requirements. Remember we have an ANSI C63.4: 2014 compliant iOATS test site at EMC Bayswater.