The ACMA is cracking down on LED lights causing TV interference, EMC compliance is mandatory. Many readers of this post will be very aware of the variation in the product range of LED lighting currently hitting the marketplace globally, almost all of which requires EMC testing. Australia has implemented energy efficiency targets which include incentives to upgrade older technology lighting systems in the home and workplace to more modern more energy efficient lighting with the same or better lighting capability. Some of this testing energy-efficient includes accredited lamp Circuit Power testing or more commonly known as LCP testing, EMC Bayswater can provide LCP testing. This is usually required under the Victorian Energy Efficiency Target also known as the VEET scheme.

Why perform EMC LED light testing in Australia

With this increased market demand it has been noted by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and us as a NATA accredited laboratory specializing in EMC testing. EMC Bayswater caters for both the lighting product testing and also technical reviews of overseas EMC test reports.  Overseas EMC test reports if valid can be used to demonstrate compliance with the Australian mandated requirements. There has been a significant increase in either product that fails to comply with the EMC standards when physically tested or EMC test reports that are not satisfactory.

EMC LED light testing in Australia

Types of LED lighting device EMC tested in Australia at EMC Bayswater

a supplier of LED lighting products in Australia it is paramount that you understand the responsibilities! The ACMA have just released a great straight forward article to assist with this and provide guidance and lots of great free advice. EMC LED light testing in Australia, for the full article using the link here: LED globes & TV reception – ACMA LED lighting article

Within this article they explain many aspects of the LED lighting issues that face the Australian market and suppliers’ in addition to the average Australian consumer. Many of the LED lighting products that emerge on the Australian market are imported from manufacturers overseas were either the importance of EMC testing and standards in not a main focal point maybe due to financial constraints, engineering difficulties or profit margins. This is evident from at least 50% of all overseas test reports reviewed by us at EMC Bayswater are not satisfactory on their technical merit and validity against the ACMA mandated requirements. We have seen issues with reports ranging from complete obviously forged, tampered, photo edited or just created as a template to try satisfy unsuspecting importers or suppliers need to conform to the requirements placed upon them when trying to satisfy the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) for Australia. In addition to these blatant misuse and forgeries we also have seen test reports from other laboratories were the methodologies or results have not appeared as they should or other issues that have raised serious doubts to the competency, trace-ability of results and EMC testing ability testing laboratory. It has also been noted that over the life cycle of a previously EMC compliant product that the EMC performance has declined with in some instances components been substituted, changed or removed from circuits rendering the final revised/evolved product to no longer comply with the Australian requirements.

Thinking of selling into the USA market, then please refer to the OET notice “FCC – Radio Frequency LED Lighting EMC Testing Notice

Why perform you EMC LED light testing in Australia with EMC Bayswater?

As an independent Australian owned NATA accredited EMC testing laboratory. EMC Bayswater recommend using a NATA accredited EMC testing facility for testing. We also highly recommend using pre-compliance EMC testing services to spot check and audit a product through it’s life cycle to ensure your product range remains a compliant high quality product that you as a supplier should expect. Thus avoiding the possibility of product recalls, re-testing and possibly causing detrimental damage to your LED lighting companies reputation for supplying quality products.

Don’t forget we offer NATA accredited EMC LED light testing in Australia and we also review and assess overseas test report reviews perform EMC pre-compliance at our fully accredited CISPR 15 EMC Testing facility and much more, so don’t wait get in touch with us today!


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