EMC Bayswater provides radio and wireless compliance testing services for different global product markets. These markets include Australia (“Regulatory compliance Mark” or “RCM”), Europe (“Conformité Européenne” or “CE”), North America (Federal Communications Commission or “FCC”), Canada (“Industry Canada” or “IC”). EMC Bayswater has the capability to test a vast range of products and also has radio wireless testing capability for technologies such as 2G (GSM), 3G (W-CDMA), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee to list just a few. To find out more about wireless radio compliance testing services visit our dedicated page which is packed full of useful information to get you started.

Why would you choose EMC Bayswater for your EMC and Radio testing?

Other laboratories may declare they offer the “best” EMC testing services or the “best EMC testing in Australia” or even that they have the best EMC laboratory or can provide the “highest quality” EMC testing services. But we believe the customers should be the judge. We have some fantastic customer feedback and we continually strive to be customer focused and we look forward to many more satisfied customers in the future.

EMC Bayswater provides accredited NATA testing with a reduced product to market lead time through expert EMC knowledge and dedicated EMC testing facilities.

EMC Bayswater is an independent testing laboratory based in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne providing EMC testing services. We specialize exclusively in EMC and Radio performance testing and this allows us to provide the best service possible to our customer base. We offer not only EMC compliance testing services but assistance and advice with any non-compliance that may require EMC solutions.

EMC Bayswater team of EMC engineers

Our engineers are all qualified with tertiary or degree level academic qualifications in related engineering disciplines. All our staff regularly attend internal and external training courses to be able to off you the best advice and resolutions to issues through practical advice and consultation on real-world EMC/EMI modifications for build production of the product.

As a team, we pride ourselves on our customer service and our ability to work around a tight schedule to ensure your product gets through the certification process with the shortest possible product-to-market lead time. We regularly update our customers on the project’s progress to ensure that each customer is aware and can plan other approvals that may also be required. We have no hidden costs in our quotations or invoices and provide excellent value for money testing services.

Finally, if you are currently using another laboratory for your certification there may be some questions you should ask, that EMC Bayswater can answer!

EMC Bayswater’s profile includes the following elements:

  • NATA accredited EMC compliance testing
  • ISO 17025 accredited laboratory
  • FCC registered test site
  • IC registered test site
  • FCC accredited testing
  • We offer emissions and immunity testing for FCC, CE, RCM, IC and other
  • Global compliance and certification testing services
  • Indoor Open Area Test Site that can cater for large products
  • Compliant test sites and equipment as per the EMC and Radio standards
  • Equipment calibrated in accordance with ISO 17025 and NATA guide
  • Radiated emissions pre-scans and final measurements on the same site
  • Radiated emissions final measurements actually on the premises
  • Witnessed or unaccompanied testing
  • Transparent quotations and invoices with testing time estimates
  • EMC technical expertise of each staff member
  • Efficient testing through automation and staff competency
  • Ability to complete testing on schedule short product-to-market lead time
  • Fast turnaround of EMC compliance reports for certification
  • High quality of EMC compliance reports for certification
  • Staff that offer excellent service and flexibility
  • Can offer EMC consultation and advice to help products comply

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