EN 55032 & CISPR 32 is a specific EMC product standard that covers EMC compliance testing of Multi-Media equipment. Including Information Technology Equipment (ITE), Audio and Video equipment, Broadcast receivers & Combinations.

What impact does it have on EMC product testing for the EU?

EN 55032 is a product standard for commercial and consumer electronic products. EN 55032 replaces EN 55013, EN 55022 and EN 55103-1. After the 2nd of March 2017 any product that is intended for the European (EU) market i.e. CE marking, previously tested against EN 55013, EN 55022 or EN 55103-1 must meet the requirements of EN 55032.   EN 55032 was first published in 2012 and was subsequently added to the Official Journal (OJ). And can now be used for products EMC testing requirements for the CE declaration of conformity.  AS/NZS CISPR 32: 2013 is also accepted by the ACMA for the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) along with CISPR 32 Ed 1.0 and EN 55032: 2012.

What standards are been replaced with EN 55032?

EN 55032 replaces several other currently accepted EU/CE product standards. The three product standards that are being phased out and replaced are:

CISPR 13 or EN 55013 – Sound and television broadcast receivers and associated equipment

CISPR 22 or EN 55022 – Information technology equipment

EN 55103-1 – Electromagnetic compatibility – product family standard for audio, video, audio-video and entertainment lighting apparatus for professional use – part 1: Emissions.

On March 5, 2017, EN 55013, EN 55022 and EN 55103-1 will no longer give presumption of conformity.  If you are intending to sell products in the EU after 2nd of March 2017. You should be requesting EN 55032 as your Radiated and conducted emissions standard for multi-media equipment.

Changes to multi-media equipment immunity testing

EN 55032 is only the product standard for the Radiated and conducted emissions for multi-media equipment. Yet there has been no official release of an updated immunity product standard for the product category. But, EN 55035 will replace EN 55024 (IT equipment), EN 55020 (broadcast receivers) and EN55103 (audio & studio equipment).  EN 55035 is not yet listed in the EU OJ and thus cannot be used to show the EMC immunity testing compliance requirements for the CE marking.

What are some of the testing changes for EN 55032

Some of the changes to the methods are that “Power disturbance measurement” before used for EN 55013.  A method for quantifying cable radiation is no longer permitted. This ties in with the FCC ruling on this EMC testing method. Loopback cables must a minimum of 2m in length. Fibre optics cables with metallic shields now need conducted emissions. The method of exercising the multimedia video has been unified. This is dependent upon the type of video application and capability. EMC Bayswater can supply test signals for:

  • RF input (TV antenna for digital TV signals on select-able channels/frequencies)
  • VGA
  • Component
  • HDMI
  • VGA
  • Audio

Furthermore, all video signals have the correct specified red Test Pattern with moving element and audio.

EN 55032 Testing limits consist of the following limits for each port:

  • Radiated emissions from the enclosure and associated cables.
  • AC mains ports conducted emissions.
  • Wired network ports conducted emissions such as Ethernet.
  • Optical fibre ports with a metallic shield or tension members conducted emissions.
  • Broadcast antenna ports conducted emissions such as FM receiver.

Note: No DC power port limits. Yet, if the product has a DC power port which is powered by a dedicated AC/DC power converter then it is treated as an AC mains port. If the DC power port is used for communication the Conducted emissions wired network limits may apply. An example would include Power Over Ethernet (POE).

EN 55032: 2012 (Edition 1.0)

  • Replace existing CISPR 13 / EN 55013, CISPR 22 / EN 55022 and EN 55103-1
  • Multimedia equipment (MME) is defined as. Information Technology Equipment, Audio equipment, Video equipment, Broadcast receiving equipment, Entertainment lighting control equipment, or combinations.
  • Conducted emissions (power lines and telecommunications ports) over the frequency range 150 kHz to 30 MHz range (same as CISPR 22 / EN 55022)
  • Radiated emissions over the frequency range 30 MHz up to a maximum of 6 GHz.
  • Conducted emissions (symmetric mode conducted emissions). On wired network ports, optical fibre ports with a metallic shield. Or tension members and antenna ports over the frequency range 150 kHz to 30 MHz range.
  • Conducted emissions (asymmetric mode conducted emissions). On TV broadcast receiver tuner ports with an accessible connector, RF modulator output ports. And FM broadcast receiver tuner ports with an accessible connector over the frequency range 150 kHz to 30 MHz range (like CISPR 13/EN 55013).
  • Disturbance power measurement from CISPR 13 /EN 55013 is not required anymore.
  • Radio transmission under ITU Radio Regulations is excluded.

EN 55032: 2015 (Edition 2.0) changes

  • The inclusion of limits for outdoor units of home satellite receiving systems (from CISPR 13).
  • Need to measure radiated emissions up to 18GHz for outdoor units of home satellite receiving systems
  • No need to measure differential voltage emission at each reception channel of broadcast receivers. Only measure at the channels that produced the highest emission. As determined a the pre-scan/investigative measurements.
  • A fully Anechoic room (FAR), TEM Waveguide and RVC (reverberation chamber) can be used. Improved guidance on requirements and validity of the method.
  • For EUTs measurement arrangement is more defined (Annex D). Including treating the measurement arrangement. Applied to wall mounted, handheld, ceiling mounted or worn on the body as tabletop equipment.
  • 3m Limits are now defined in the Radiated emissions Limits tables
  • Linear Average Detector as defined in Clause 6 of CISPR 16-1-1: 2010. Must for average measurements i.e. CISPR Average Detector.

Is EN 55022 still valid for EN 55032?

Not sure if your EN 55022 is still valid to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of EN 55032? Maybe have a read of our useful article EN 55022 & EN 55032 presumption of conformity.

Need to perform EN 55032 CE mark and CISPR 32 RCM testing in Australia?

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