Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Declaration of Conformity

Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Declaration of Conformity
Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Declaration of Conformity

Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Declaration of Conformity The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Declaration of Conformity (DoC) key characteristics. Are listed in this article, along with the required Technical Contents that should accompany the DOC. And links to the relevant information sources. As an example, we have used an imaginary product. That has a Bluetooth module incorporated into a simple consumer product.

Old Declaration of Conformity, Prior Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

The old method of the documenting directives for compliance. And completing the Declaration of Conformity (DoC). Would look like the following:  

  • Document identification such as DoC iD (Company assigned)
  • Generic statement, This declaration issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer:
  • Product Identification such as Model name, Serial numbers etc
  • Manufacturer’s company details such as contact details and address, Business number etc
  • Some generic statement stating. “Compliance with all the applicable essential requirements. And other provisions of the Union Harmonization Legislation

List the directives applied

1999/5/EC – Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive (R&TTE)   2006/95/EC – Low Voltage Directive (LVD)   2004/108/EC – Electromagnetic Compatibility   2011/65/EU – RoHS Directive  

List the standards applied

Article 3.1a – Safety: EN 60950-1 (Date), EN 50360 (Date), EN 62479( Date)   Article 3.1b – Electromagnetic Compatibility. Product standard such as EN 55022 (Date), EN 301 489 – 01 (Version/Date), EN 301 489 – 17 (Version/Date), EN 61000-3-2 (Date), EN 61000-3-3 (Date)   Article 3.2 – Radio Spectrum: EN 300 328 (Date)

New Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Declaration of Conformity.

Every wireless product marketed in for the European Union must have a Declaration of Conformity (DoC). The RED Declaration of Conformity document must be continuously updated as required. It must also be translated into the language or languages required by the member state in which the equipment is made available. The RE Directive Official Journal (OJ)* identifies the standards. That applies for effective use of spectrum, EMC, and electrical safety.   *Follow the link to the latest published Official Journal
  The new method of the documenting directives for compliance and completing the ‘DoC’ would look like the following:

  • Identification of object of the declaration. The radio equipment type, batch and serial number.  A colour photograph is permissible for clarity
  • Name and address of the manufacturer or his authorized representative
  • The statement “This declaration issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer”
  • It should state. “The object of the declaration described above. Is in conformity with the relevant Union harmonization Legislation. Directive 2014/53/EU”. Include other Directives that apply but may not reference by the RED if applicable. Such as Hazardous Substances Directive 2011/65/EU and so on.  But do not include references to the product Safety, RF Exposure or EMC directives. Even though if applicable the product must comply with the requirements of these directives. RED references requirements equal to the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014-35/EU. In-addition RED references the EMC directive 2014/30/EU.
  • Reference to the relevant harmonized standards uses. Or references to other technical specifications used in the assessment. Including their identification number and version. Such as ETSI EN 301 489 – 01 and ETSI EN 300 328 or equivalent listed standards on the Official Journal.
  • Details of the Notified Body name and number. And a description of the assessment they undertook. And the resulting EU type-examination certificate.
  • Description of transmitter frequency (MHz etc) and transmit power (mW).
  • Descriptions of accessories and software which allow the equipment to function as intended
  • It should be signed and dated by the responsible person in the organization.

Don’t forget that the Declaration of Conformity is only one of the required documents that should include in the products Technical File Requirements. Please refer to Annex V – CONTENTS OF TECHNICAL DOCUMENTATION of the Red Directive 2014-53-EU.

Information required to be documented and available include

A general description of the radio equipment. Photographs or illustrations showing external features, marking and internal layout. Versions of software or firmware affecting compliance with essential requirements. User information and installation instructions. Conceptual design and manufacturing drawings and schemes of components, sub-assemblies, circuits and other relevant similar elements. Descriptions and explanations necessary for the understanding of those drawings and schemes and the operation of the radio equipment. A list of the harmonised standards applied in full or in part the references of which have been published in the Official Journal of the European Union, and, where those harmonised standards have not been applied, descriptions of the solutions adopted to meet the essential requirements set out in Article 3, including a list of other relevant technical specifications applied. In the event of partly applied harmonised standards, the technical documentation shall specify the parts which have been applied. A copy of the EU declaration of conformity. Where the conformity assessment module in Annex III has been applied, copy of the EU-type examination certificate and its annexes as delivered by the notified body involved. Results of design calculations made, examinations carried out, and other relevant similar elements. A copy of the Test reports. An explanation of the compliance with the requirement of Article 10(2) and of the inclusion or not of information on the packaging in accordance with Article 10(10).

Red Directive 2014/53/EU

Red Directive 2014/53/EU can be view here. For further clarification and information on how to compose your Radio Equipment Directive (RED) Declaration of Conformity. For the section that highlights the Declaration of Conformity please refer to ANNEX VI.

For more information on CE, RCM, FCC and CE testing for wireless products. Please refer to our wireless transmitter and receiver compliance testing page.

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