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Electrostatic Discharge common EMC solutions

In this article, we will discuss typical electrostatic discharge (ESD) problems and common solutions. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a common phenomenon that is encountered on an everyday basis by many of us. It is the sudden flow of electrical energy between two...

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How, What, Who and Why of EMC Testing

We often get asked what is EMC testing, why is it testing performed, who should be performing EMC testing and how do we do the testing. So this brief article will attempt to answer these questions in a non-technical manner. Hopefully, after this, you will understand...

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Basic EMC test plan template

Following on from our last post we have decided to lay out the foundations of a basic EMC test plan template. This basic template provides a means to at least determine how to formulate a template for your company for future compliance testing requirements. The test...

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How to write an EMC Test Plan

We often request that customers complete a test plan before being able to quote for testing. This article will explain why an EMC test plan is so important. Customers new to testing often ask the question "how to write an EMC Test Plan". So following on from our...

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