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How to write an EMC Test Plan

We often request that customers complete a test plan before being able to quote for testing. This article will explain why an EMC test plan is so important. Customers new to testing often ask the question "how to write an EMC Test Plan". So following on from our...

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EMC compliance when adding Bluetooth

Considering adding Bluetooth to your product? Not sure what Bluetooth EMC compliance is required. EMC compliance when adding Bluetooth to your host product may seem straightforward. And to others a compliance nightmare. Hopefully, this blog will help you get on Once...

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E-mark and e-mark testing or CE mark testing

We get asked about if E-mark and e-mark testing or CE mark testing is required for automotive products often. The general question we get asked is "What standards are used for testing an aftermarket automotive product". All after-market electronic products are termed...

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What is Compliance Engineering?

Compliance Engineering is designing and developing products to meet the applicable market compliance requirements. Including any rules and regulations (laws) formulated for that product. Compliance requirements may include safety testing, EMC Testing, Radio or...

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Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

What is the Radio Equipment Directive (RED)? The European Union adopted a new set of rules regarding radio equipment that is put into service or placed on the European market. This change was confirmed back in 2014 to allow sufficient transition time at all levels....

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