EMC consulting services and Training

Test plans, Training on standards, methods and requirements

EMC consultancy and training courses

EMC Consulting at EMC Bayswater

EMC Bayswater can draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide expert EMC consulting services and EMC testing training. Our qualified and experienced engineers can prepare EMC test plans, provide advice on applicable EMC standards and global regulatory requirements, countermeasure recommendations if your product has failed EMC testing, and RF exposure/radiation hazard advice.

EMC failure analysis and EMC fixes

All our staff regularly attend internal training sessions with senior members of staff in addition to attending various external training courses with world-leading experts in EMC practices and design fundamentals to mitigate and prevent emission and immunity issues/failures. Combined with our excellent fault finding and issue determination we can help and advise on product failures to help comply with the standards.

Our staff can assist with EMC pre-compliance testing facility setup and design.

Should your product happen to fail our knowledgeable and experienced EMC engineers can draw on decades of EMC “fixes” to help you achieve compliance.

We can provide product analysis and advice on a consulting basis and/or on-the-spot EMC investigations and problem-solving during testing at reasonable hourly rates. We won’t just send you away with a fail and tell you to come back for an expensive retest, our aim is to work with you to help achieve compliance on the day. Our business is designed to accommodate immediate resolution in the unfortunate event of a failed test.

The laboratory is stocked with a vast array of sample EMC suppression and mitigation products such as ferrites (beads, snap-on, PCB mount), EMI filters, RF gaskets, RF finger-stock, copper tape and trans-orbs / MOVs. Although we do not sell these products we can put you in touch with various recommended suppliers.

Training of standards and methods

EMC Bayswater can offer training services for different EMC testing standards covering diverse industries such as Commercial, Military, Medical, Automotive, rail, etc. 

We have a dedicated training room equipped with a modern projector and training material developed from years of hands-on EMC testing experience. We can also visit your premises if desired. 

Training usually consists of theoretical presentations followed by hands-on practical work in the laboratory.

Our experienced and enthusiastic staff can cover all your EMC testing training needs.

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