EMC investigations and RF Site Surveys

Interference investigations, RF surveys and Radhaz testing

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RF site and RahHaz surveys and investigations

EMC investigations and RF Site Surveys

EMC investigations

EMC Bayswater has attended many interesting onsite EMC investigations and RF Site Surveys throughout Victoria, Australia. In many of these cases, we have successfully determined the causes of the EMC issues. EMC Bayswater uses over a decade of on hands EMC testing and experience to provide investigations using a logical analytical approach to investigate the reported occurrences. After we have investigated help reduce the EMI observed during the EMC investigation or provided a detail report on the best EMC practices and expert technical EMC advice. in most case, we have either rectified or offered practical solutions to remedy the onsite issues.

RF Site surveys and RadHaz

Electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements at a particular site can be measured to address potential electromagnetic radiation hazard (EMR, RadHaz) concerns to meet Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) requirements. Measurements can be made in accordance with the Radiation Protection Standard published by ARPANSA (RPS 2003) which covers the 3kHz to 300GHz EMF range. Another common standard for testing is the National Health and Medical Research Council guidelines covering ELF 50/60Hz magnetic fields (NHMRC Radiated Health series No. 30).

RF Site Surveys near radio transmitters including mobile phone towers, electrical power installations within buildings and HV power lines can be performed. Recommendations can be provided regarding any mitigation measures required such as RF mapping of exclusion zones, installation of RF/ELF shielding or relocation of cabling or equipment.

We can provide RF site testing services (RF ambient surveys) to computer accommodation standard AS 2834 and similar.

Our maximum capability for RF testing is limited to measuring RF electric field strengths up to 40GHz.

EMC Bayswater provides professional independent EMC investigations and RF Site Surveys throughout Australia. The EMC Technologies Group including EMC Bayswater has the experience and capability to help with your site survey of EMC investigation.

RF and EMC site surveys and investigations

We can perform EMC and EMI Interference Investigations and are able to solve real-world interference problems on site.