Automotive EMC Testing

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Automotive testing at EMC Bayswater

We have experience with lots of various automotive standards from many automotive manufacturers and also many different versions. We have specialized equipment for radiated & conducted emissions, conducted & radiated immunity RF tests and many transient tests including ESD we are also CISPR 25 NATA accredited. We understand the requirements from the quoting stage all the way through the report stage.

Automotive EMC testing - Regulation 10 Electronic Sub Assembly ESA testing

Automotive EMC Testing at EMC Bayswater

EMC Bayswater can test components (ESA’s) or whole vehicles in our CISPR 25 facility. We have two chambers that both comply with the 2017 site requirements of EN 55025 / CISPR 25. EMC Bayswater is NATA accredited to perform NATA testing in accordance with CISPR 25 and AS/NZS CISPR25. Some of the more common automotive standards the EMC Bayswater Croydon South Laboratory can test are listed below:

Automotive EMC testing - Regulation 10 Vehicle testing

To meet EMC compliance requirements specified by procuring agencies for modern complex automotive products, formal test plans are necessary.

Automotive EMC testing standards for vehicles and components

  • CISPR 25 Protection of on-board receivers
  • AS/NZS 4601 Vehicle Immobilisers
  • AS/NZS 3749.1 Intruder alarm systems – road vehicles
  • ES-XT7T-1A278-AB Ford Motor Company
  • GMW 3100, GMW 3097 General Motors
  • ISO 7637-0,-1,-2,-3 Electrical disturbances (immunity)
  • ISO/SAE J1113 Vehicle components (emissions and immunity)
  • JIS D 5601 Japanese Industrial Standard
  • ES-X82010/X46238 Mitsubishi
  • TSCXXXXX Toyota Engineering standards
  • 1579908, 515-0003 Volvo
  • 2004/104/EC Automotive EMC Directive (e-mark pre-compliance).

There are many more automotive EMC testing standards that we perform testing in accordance with. So if the standard you require is not listed, please contact us to confirm our capability. If non-compliance issues are found during testing. We may be able to help with various EMC engineering solutions. These may be applied to achieve compliance. Engineering consulting can be provided if required.

Automated EMC testing software

Testing usually includes both emissions and immunity tests. We can usually cater for any special requirements. Such as device under test (DUT) monitoring, DUT power supply requirements and so on. We use specialized EMC emissions software. It allows compliant measurements to be performed efficiently. Whilst outputting quality graphs and tabulated results. We also use specialized EMC immunity software. The software is used for both conducted immunity and radiated immunity. And allows us to integrate with many types communication ports including:

  • RS-232
  • NI loggers
  • GPIB and much more.

This enables accurate performance review and fast compliance determination. Allowing accurate determination of failures that may occur. And allows the determination of the threshold of susceptibility.

We have the capability to perform the following Automotive testing:

  • Conducted Emissions (CE)
  • Conducted Immunity (CI)
  • Bulk Current Injection (BCI)
  • Radiated Emissions (RE) in our CIPSR 25 compliant chamber
  • Radiated Immunity (RI) – (ALSE)
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
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