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Why do pre-compliance EMC testing?

EMC pre-compliance testing can be a cost-effective approach to developing a product. Helping to meet functional and mandatory compliance requirements prior to the full compliance test. Verifying the compliance through the product development stages can reduce future EMC and EMI issues. Allowing the development of EMC mitigation techniques to be incorporated or refined. Reducing the total project build cost of a product. EMC pre-compliance testing should be and is advised to all customers. To reduce costs for re-spin and re-working of final stage products. Reduce the final product to market time. Also, reduce the possibility of consumer and market issues that may arise. Product recalls is a huge expense and can damage long-term company credit-ability. If a product fails the formal testing then we can help mitigate the issues. This may involve using test equipment such as near-field probes and a spectrum analyzer to identify and locate the electromagnetic interference.

Why use EMC Bayswater

EMC Bayswater is conveniently located for the south-east Melbourne corridor in Croydon South. Providing EMC testing to suit your requirements and your budget. Non-formal EMC compliance can minimise costs in cases where products are found to be non-compliant prior to formal testing. Before submitting to a formal EMC approvals program consider some testing, this may also help reduce time to market. We can also perform emissions, immunity,  RF and transmitter testing.

Note: Pre-compliance results cannot be used for formal test reports. We provide data and graphs free of charge.

Radiated Emissions testing

Our most popular compliance service is emissions testing with radiated emissions been the most popular. We can perform Radiated EMI testing suited to your needs over the frequency ranges from 9kHz to 40GHz. If its a simple radiated RF emissions pre-scan to full formal compliance certifications. We have a fully calibrated indoor Open Area Test Site (iOATS). Which is the same chamber we do our formal electromagnetic compatibility testing in! Our qualified engineers who can advise on EMC and radio standards. Along with EMI and transient mitigation techniques. Use our experience to help achieve your product compliance requirements.

Conducted Emissions and Immunity testing

We offer pre-compliance conducted emissions testing services. Along with the full suite of basic immunity testing for CE Electromagnetic Compatibility compliance testing. Including the following compliance testing services:

  • Electrostatic discharge testing (ESD)
  • Electrical fast transients (EFT)
  • Voltage dips (brownouts)
  • Voltage interruptions (brown and blackout)
  • Radiated RF immunity
  • Conducted RF immunity
  • Magnetic field immunity including pulsed fields.

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