Overseas Test Report Assessments

RCM compliance evidence review

Many products have already been tested or certified in other regions including Europe (CE) and North America (FCC). Existing compliance evidence in the form of full English test reports may (if valid) be used as evidence for Australia and New Zealand, under the Regulatory Compliance Mark or RCM scheme.


Why is compliance evidence required?

Regulators may request a supplier to demonstrate product compliance with the mandated compliance requirements.

Importing products for sale/distribution in Australia?

Question: I’m importing electrical goods from overseas, they have certificates and the full test reports of compliance already can I use these?

Answer: The evidence required to show compliance to the mandated Australian requirements may differ from other overseas requirements and it is essential to verify the overseas test meets ALL the mandated requirements of the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) for Australia. This can in many cases be achieved through EMC report assessments.

Who is responsible for product compliance?

Question: Is the supplier overseas responsible for the product compliance?

Answer: The local supplier accepts total responsibility for device conformity and needs to make a commercial decision on the level of testing required.

How do I use an overseas test report for the RCM?

Question: What should I be asking my overseas supplier for with regards to documentation and test reports?

Answer: If your products have been tested to International EMC testing standards by overseas laboratories and you hold the EMC test reports, there is a chance the reports could be used as evidence of conformity to the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) requirements.

We can provide a detailed professional assessment of your reports to determine if ACMA RCM compliance requirements (Australia/New Zealand) have been met.

Key requirements:

  • The report must be complete (certificates and Declaration of Conformity statements are no good!)
  • The report MUST be written in English
  • The correct EMC standard must be applied and the report must categorically prove that testing was performed correctly to the applicable standard.

If unsure an EMC report assessments are highly recommended for peace of mind.

Our detailed assessments provide expert guidance on the next step in the event of a report not being suitable. This may involve seeking further information from the supplier or overseas laboratory, partial or complete EMC testing in Australia. We can provide all necessary EMC Testing services if necessary to finalize RCM approval.

Not sure how to proceed now?

At this stage, you may understand that is your responsibility as an importer or a supplier of electrical and electronic products to the Australian market that you must meet the mandated Australian standards.

You may wish to use our online quote form to attach your products full EMC test report to have one of our qualified staff members prepare a quote, or perhaps provide an initial free consultation if it is worth proceeding with a technical review (in many instances the report can be identified immediately as not been acceptable).

Why choose EMC Bayswater for your technical reviews & EMC report assessments?

Question: Why would you want a technical review/assessment of your overseas report by EMC Bayswater?

Answer: We have a fantastic base of returning customers who use our services there feedback has shown they use our services because of the fast turn around of test report reviews and the friendly helpful manner in which we conduct business, try us for yourself and see the difference first hand.